SEO is the New Where’s Waldo–How to Stand Out

Are you using SEO to its full potential?

Before search exploded, your content stood out for only one reason; there was not a lot of content available. Unfortunately, things have changed A LOT.

“It went from being where your website was ‘waldo’ and you stood out from the crowd, but now everyone is waldo and it is hard to tell one site apart from another.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of NP Digital

Search Optimization is the New Where's Waldo

To stand out among the crowd, according to Patel, you can take advantage of three main opportunities.

1–Don’t Necessarily Focus on “Popular” Keywords

Most SEO specialists focus on “popular” keywords (which are determined by search volume). But did you know that 15% of Google searches have never been searched before?

Go after those no- to low-volume keywords and answer specific questions people are asking. Look for keywords that are on the verge of being popular as people begin searching for them. If you use this strategy, it will be easier to rank and gain popularity in the future.

To find up-and-coming terms people are searching for, use tools like:

What about industry-specific “popular” keywords?

In our experience within niche B2B industrial and manufacturing companies, it is worth going after the “popular” keywords. A strong content strategy with “cornerstone content” around popular industry-specific keywords can help even the smaller companies compete with search.

In addition, going after long tail keywords, which are by definition longer and more specific, and tying them back to your cornerstone content, is a great B2B SEO strategy. Although less popular, they specifically target the user’s search and potential buying intent.

2–The Omnichannel Approach

The omnichannel marketing approach allows you to interact with consumers across different platforms of varying convenience, experience, and ways of fulfillment.

According to Neil Patel, there are different tactics that each platform loves that you can use to get more traffic, views, and engagement:

  • LinkedIn – they LOVE comments. Within 4 hours of your post going live, have people with similar audiences leave an engaging comment of at least 12 words.
  • Google – they love brands. An easy way to build your brand is by releasing free tools on your website to keep people coming back and searching for your name, which will increase your rankings over time.


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3–Maintain Positive Connections with your Audience

Like we said above, releasing free tools will help you build your brand and help with SEO, but how people emotionally connect with your brand is what will make you stand out.

This is called the Peak-end rule; customers will remember their experience based on only two experiences: the best (or worst) part of the experience, and the end.

The best way to maintain an emotional connection with your audience is to continually survey them and figure out what you can do to create emotional peaks.

Search is Everywhere

When it comes to search, it’s everywhere.

And if you want to stand out from the crowd and develop a memorable brand, follow these three opportunities.

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