9 Reasons to Outsource Marketing


Outsource marketing to save time and money, regain focus and get more done.

Marketing is hard.

Today’s dizzying array of ways to connect with your customers and prospects can make it impossible to know where to start. Or leave you feeling completely left behind when it comes to digital marketing.

9 Reasons to Outsource Marketing

You may have one or more of these marketing challenges…

  • Marketing is your responsibility, however, so is sales or another department
  • You don’t know what’s working and what’s not
  • High-level marketing expertise seems out of reach
  • You have a marketing plan but you’re not acting on it
  • Your messaging is not clear, preventing you from getting marketing projects done

When you outsource marketing, you will effectively address all of these concerns.

Here are nine things you can expect to gain when you hire an experienced marketing company.

1 More Precious Time

Which of the challenges above resonated with you?

You may be wearing many hats. You may be stressing about the latest marketing platform or what marketing tactics to use. Or, you feel like you need to do the work yourself so it’s done right.

So where does that leave you? Most likely with zero time to get any meaningful marketing work done or “analysis paralysis”…

Hiring the right company to outsource your marketing work can give you relief from all that stress. And give you back hours in your week.

2 Greater Focus On Your Core Business

Using a quality marketing firm takes much of the legwork off of your plate. This frees you to focus on your company’s primary business. With limited budgets, focusing your in-house talent on areas directly related to your products and services just makes sense.

And it enables you to focus on your higher level strategies, instead of worrying about the steps to execute your marketing plan.

3 Budget Savings

If you’ve read this far, you probably do not have the budget to hire the experts you need in all marketing areas.

Web development, SEO, branding and messaging, graphic design, email marketing, and public relations are each well-paid specialties on their own. You may need every one of these to effectively take action on your marketing plan. But you probably do not need each one of them full time.

When you outsource marketing functions, you get exactly what you need, when you need it. Without the everyday overhead cost of salaries, office space, equipment and more. Generally, if you outsource these functions, you get a higher level of expertise than you could normally afford when you hire your own employees.

2023 Marketing Salaries
Position Average Salary
Marketing Manager 104,775
Brand Manager 103,675
Web Developer 124,575
SEO/SEM Specialist 80,163
Email Marketing Manager 92,400
Social Media Manager 84,563
Copywriter 85,800
Web Content Manager 84,150
Graphic Designer 70,950
Public Relations Specialist 71,088

Salaries are based on positions in the Phoenix area. Source: https://www.roberthalf.com/salary-guide/

⬇️ Learn how you can get your marketing done for less than the cost of just one of these marketing professionals with a free 30 minute consultation. ⬇️

4 Objective Feedback

Are you on the right track with your marketing? Are you engaging in the most promising campaigns to generate leads and sales? Gaining objective input from specialists who have worked with other companies like yours can be invaluable.

Simply taking a step back and seeing your marketing through fresh, expert eyes can have a huge impact.

5 The Right Expertise

Do you have plans to hire a single marketing person or even a small team? They will likely be hard pressed to maintain the range of expertise you get by outsourcing your marketing work. A solid marketing agency should have expertise in many areas:

  • Branding and Messaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Web Development
  • Analytics, Tracking and Reporting

According to the Robert Half Agency, the salary range in 2023 for a marketing manager is $87,450 – $122,100. And, a single marketing manager may not have all of the specialized skills you need. Therefore, hiring for this position you would still be left with the need to hire additional resources.

If you use the existing marketing budget or even a part of it, you can partner with the an experienced marketing agency. Most importantly, this strategy provides your company with exactly the team of marketing experts you need.

6 Higher Productivity

Marketing efforts can take a back seat if you, like many small to mid-sized companies, do not have dedicated in-house resources.

When you utilize an outside company to perform marketing services, you can be sure the work will get done on a regular basis. Many marketing companies work by the project, by the hour or on a retainer basis. They can work with you to put together a marketing program that works for you, within your budget.

The only thing you’ll miss is the fixed overhead costs associated with employing your own marketing people.

7 Less Worry About Every New Marketing Thing

Many digital marketing strategies and “digital transformation” hype is targeted to larger companies in the $1B plus range. Probably not you.

The right marketing company will help you sort through the clutter. Their job is to help you focus on what will work best for you, your company and your budget.

8 More Flexibility

When you outsource marketing instead of hiring an in house team of employees, you have much greater flexibility. You may have many graphic design projects one week, need to create written content the next, and only need a web programmer occasionally.

With the right marketing company handling everything, that balancing of expertise becomes their issue, not yours.

9 Brand Consistency

Finally, when you outsource marketing, you engage a team of experienced professionals that understand branding. They understand how to perform consistently across all of your marketing channels. This applies to both your visual branding and consistency in your messaging.

In conclusion, you have nothing to lose and much to gain by giving outsourced marketing a try.

We’d be honored to earn your business, and often get started with a small project. We help clients every day with their marketing strategy, email campaigns, getting found on Google and more.

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