What is a marketing unicorn?

By definition a marketing unicorn can accomplish just about anything you can imagine when it comes to marketing projects, both creatively and analytically.

From strategic planning to branding to analyzing results, ideally a unicorn is a pro at all things marketing. According to Nicholas Salice from Earn Worthy, a marketing unicorn is, “…the extremely rare breed of marketers who are pretty much good at everything.”

If you are responsible for marketing, this may be exactly what you need.  A marketing unicorn is ready to accomplish any project and whether creative or analytical.

What is a Marketing Unicorn?

A Marketing Unicorn is Right-Brain (Creative)

Your creative needs might be graphic design for a social media campaign. Or, maybe you need assistance writing a series of emails as part of a drip campaign for your potential customers.

Regardless, you require someone that has an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of the bigger picture, someone that understands your brand, your goals, and your audience. Someone that is able to accomplish any creative marketing requests, obviously. Have you ever seen a unicorn that didn’t look aesthetically pleasing?

A Marketing Unicorn is Also Left-Brain (Analytical)

Likewise, these rare animals is able to take those creative tactics and analyze their success while planning strategically.

Your objectives might include analyzing your social media campaigns, then developing a new campaign that will help to reach your targeted goal. Or your goals might simply include optimized SEO (search engine optimization) writing for your new or existing website.

Being strategic and being able to track data are must have skills to qualify as a marketing unicorn. More often than not, your marketing projects will need a creative eye plus strategic analysis.

Center Brain Marketing

As a company with goals to reach, you might have to hire someone that can create a good-looking email campaign and review the email’s data to evaluate the overall success.

Or, you might be attending a trade show and need newly branded materials along with tactics to bring attendees to your booth and generate leads.

A marketing unicorn can walk the fine line between the innovative and systematic.

While you won’t read this in any fairytales, it is known that they are center brain creatures. They “are pretty much good at everything” and can handle any marketing task:

Analytical Creative
Strategic Planning/Vision
Analytical Reports
Project Management
Technical Web Development
Graphic Design
Social Media
Promotional Campaigns

Truly, a marketing unicorn is flexible and offers an objective perspective to maximize the success of your marketing targets with fresh eyes. And the availability to get the work done.

Marketing Unicorns Live Here

At RUNMARK we consider ourselves “center brain” marketing unicorns. This is because we are a one stop marketing shop. We get it all done with our eye on high quality and cost.

Once you find a marketing unicorn, you won’t want to let go. This is a rare find with magical abilities to accomplish a wide range of marketing tasks with excellence.

Got a marketing unicorn? If not, we are here ready to give you a hand in all your marketing endeavors with no gaps.

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