LinkedIn Tutorial: Mastering Growth, Engagement, and Presence


As a super or content admin on your company’s LinkedIn page, you can grow your follower base by inviting your 1st-degree connections to follow your page.

Table of Contents

How to invite people to follow your LinkedIn page? [Video Tutorial]

Step 1: Go to your company’s LinkedIn page and “view as admin.”

When viewing as an admin, your screen will look like this:


When viewing as a member, your screen will look like this:

Step 2: Under “Grow your followers” on the top right-hand side, click the “Invite connections” button.

Step 3: Complete one or more of the following:

  • Search for a connection using the “Search by name” field
  • Use the filters to focus your search
  • Select connections from the populated list (your 1st-degree connections)

Step 4: Click the “Invite” button in the bottom right corner.

Your connections will receive an invitation notification. If an error appears, you might have reached your invitation limit.

Important things to note when inviting people to your page:

  • We recommend inviting warm connections and those who are likely to be interested in your company’s page. Members can opt out of receiving page initiations through their network settings.
  • Your company has a total of 250 available initiations. Sending each invitation requires one credit. If your invitation is accepted, the credit is returned. Each month, LinkedIn grants another 250 invitation credits to your company page, shared by all admins. Credits do not roll over.

How to view LinkedIn follower analytics [Video Tutorial]

Step 1: Go to your company’s LinkedIn page and “view as admin.”

See the steps above for clarification.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, click “Analytics.”

Step 3: View Analytics

Here, you can gain insight into the performance of your company’s page analytics that gauges trends across metrics and periods.

Analytics are available for all page admin roles.

Step 4 (Optional): Export Analytics

NOTE: A list of your current followers is excluded from the analytics report.

How to view a list of your current LinkedIn followers [Video Tutorial]

Step 1: Go to your company’s LinkedIn page and “view as admin.”

See the steps above for clarification.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, click “Analytics.”

Step 3: At the top, click “Followers.”

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, under “All followers,” and click on “Show all followers.”

NOTE: The list of your page’s current followers is ordered by recency.

Posting on a Company Page vs. Your Personal Profile

It is very easy to post accidentally, repost, comment, or like LinkedIn posts from the company page you are an admin of.

Follow these steps to ensure you are posting, reposting, commenting, and liking from your personal page.

Step 1: Find a post you’d like to interact with.

WARNING: Do not use the instant repost feature.

Using the instant repost feature may cause a duplicate post on your company page.

Step 2: Check and update which LinkedIn account you are interacting from.

Under the post, there are four icons. If the left-most symbol is your company logo, you are interacting as your company through your company page. If the symbol that appears is your personal profile picture, you are interacting as yourself through your personal page.

Click the left-most icon to switch between interacting from a company page to your personal page.

A pop-up window will appear. Here, select the account you’d like to interact as and click save.

Step 3: Post, repost, comment, like, and share!

When reposting any piece of content, you should always add your own comments. This allows personalization, the opportunity to provide context, demonstrate authenticity, encourage engagement, differentiate your post, and potentially improve visibility.

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