Marketing Strategy Sessions

Marketing strategy sessions are critical in developing an effective marketing plan aligning with your business objectives.

At RUNMARK, we recommend a face-to-face marketing strategy session with key team members, advisors, and, if possible, customers and potential customers for all new clients prior to planning or proceeding with any branding or marketing work.

We can also conduct one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders outside of the strategy session if direct participation is not desired or feasible.

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What does a marketing strategy session include?

During the strategy session, we will brainstorm and plan activities to create clear marketing messages and campaigns that resonate with your target audience(s), analyze your competition, and identify growth opportunities. Our sessions are conducted in two 90-minute to 2-hour sessions and are recorded for our internal use to ensure we capture every amazing thing you say about how you serve your customers!

During the strategy session, we will facilitate a review and discussion of your:

  • Target audience(s)
  • Sales strategy
  • Messaging and unique selling points
  • Competition
  • Current branding and requirements
  • Website requirements and goals
  • Ongoing marketing, including email marketing, PR, social media, tradeshow marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), and more.

Before our meeting, we will spend considerable time reviewing any materials you provide, in addition to researching your industry to ensure we are as productive as possible during our session.

After the Strategy Session

Following the session, we will provide you with a complete report, an implementation strategy to BUILD and RUN your marketing plan, and budgetary quotes for all recommendations, including ongoing marketing tactics. We will prioritize, track, and adjust as we go to ensure your marketing plan is always aligned with your business objectives.


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RUNMARK is your proven outsourced marketing department. We offer a wide range of marketing services and promotional products to help your company get noticed and grow, all backed by 30 years of marketing experience. For assistance, please complete our web form or give us a call at 844-545-3481. We are happy to help!

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